NCCP Loan Process

BMA NCCP Loan Process

  1. Credit Guide, Quote and Privacy to be issued and signed by the client BEFORE providing any credit assistance. (Original signed and dated copy to be retained).
  2. Complete/have the client complete, sign & date the Loan Request & Requirements and Objectives form. To be signed and dated by introducer.
  3. Complete/have the client complete, sign & date the Consumer interview guide. To be signed and dated by introducer
  4. Obtain the following documents from the client/s:
    • Enlarged clear copy of DRIVERS LICENCE (front & back).
    • Enlarged clear copy of MEDICARE card.
    • Last 2 payslips – showing YTD, if none, then:
      • Current Centrelink Income Statement.
      • Last 3 months Bank Statements
      • Last year’s Tax Return & Notice Of Assessment
    • Proof of address – RATES NOTICE or UTILITY BILL
  5. Obtain a copy of the client/s Veda Report
  6. Perform a Preliminary Assessment to ensure that you can offer a loan that is not unsuitable for the client/s
  7. Submit the deal to the lender (if proceeding) and provide required supporting information to the lender.
    • If you cannot provide credit assistance, please go to step 11
  8. Once deal is approved prepare a Proposal disclosure document and issue to the client.
  9. Once client has accepted the proposal disclosure documents financiers loan documents can be prepared and issued to the client for signing and witnessing by acceptable persons. AML/CTF identification to be completed now. Client to be issued copies of their loan documents and all relevant Terms and Conditions and PDS’s.
  10. Documents are to be checked and submitted to the lender for settlement to be processed.
  11. All NCCP documents to be checked and submitted to BMA through shared Dropbox for compliance check before commission payment (ALL applications including deals that did not proceed are required to be uploaded).
    • You will be notified via email if deal is non compliant and payment will be held until issues have been rectified.